I finally decided to go though V’s baby clothes that no longer fit and decide which (if any) to keep for her and/or C as keepsakes, and decide what to do with the rest.

I ended up with a 3 bin sorting system To Keep; Yard Sale; Consignment (the consignment was actually a bin to store for when they start taking winter clothes; the summer stuff was put on hangers to take to sell ASAP)

I started by going through their closet and pulling out all the clothes that are to small for V. I then got all the boxes that had been sitting in their room for months (yes I put this off for a long time…I hate going through and folding baby clothes…there are SO MANY of them lol) I brought them into the living room and while V napped (yes, I waited until she wouldn’t be there to ‘help’ as she is like most 1 yr olds and thinks helping is pulling everything out of the containers or putting stuff in different containers.) I sorted through them based on the criteria the consignment store has as well as what I think would sell better there or at my future yard sale.

As I was hanging up the stuff to take to the consignment store I realized that they needed some help with wrinkles so I looked online for some DIY wrinkle release spray and made up my own based on a bunch of ideas and what I already had in my house. I decided on some hair conditioner (I was going to use fabric softener but the kind I have is blue and I didn’t want to risk needing to wash the clothes again.) water and vinegar. I didn’t actually measure anything…I just eyeballed the proportions.  I shook it all together in a spray bottle I got a while back from Ikea.

It worked great!! I had some cotton shorts and a cotton skirt that was VERY wrinkled and it got it out no problem…a couple sprays and gently pulled on the fabric and Voila!

I now have all the baby/kid stuff sorted…except the shoes…sigh….