I finally let C use scissors for the first time the beginning of January. (I could have let her use them sooner according to the doctor questionnaires, but I’m scared of letting kids have scissors. They do enough destruction without them.)

She was so excited! I got a piece of white paper and let her color it, which didn’t last long at all she was all ready to use the scissors. I drew lines on the paper so she could practice cutting on the line.

(she was painting before this so that is why she is wearing the smock)


She did really well for her first time, she did it all herself.

After she got them all cut out we made a count down chain so she could keep track of the days until her grandparents were going to visit.

After using for a few days she decided she liked the Christmas calendar better and that we should have done that. The Christmas calendar had chocolate in the boxes a lot….somehow I think that may have been the factor that made it better.