Yesterday I told C that we would do a ‘science experiment’ with play dough.

I found a great recipe on this website, I made a batch a month ago and it is just starting to get a little dried out and crumbly. Which is amazing as both C and V want to play with it almost everyday and are not the best at putting it right away. It is so easy to make and simple ingredients.

I started by telling C that we would make 3 different colors of play dough and color them with the primary colors; red, yellow and blue. Since this is a science experiment we had to keep track of our results so I created this ‘Color Wheel’


C then colored the inside with the primary colors.

I made a double recipe in my stand mixer. The first time I made it was just by hand and it wasn’t bad. I made some for the kids at work (I work at an after school program at an elementary school.) and ended up making 3 double batches and by then end it was getting a bit difficult (my hands got a bit sore.)

Here is the original single recipe.

No Cook Play dough

1.5 cups flour

1/2 cup salt

2 teaspoons cream of tartar

2 tablespoons oil

1 cup of boiling water

Mix it all together.

Knead a few times and it will become perfectly smooth.

Add some color if you wish.  The order of ingredients doesn’t matter at all – just pop it all into a bowl and stir it up!  PLUS you can’t mess it up – if it is too sticky – add more flour, to clumpy, add more boiled water.

I used Wilton Food Color Gel which is really useful especially for the red color, it is so hard to get a true red color. I used toothpicks to add a pit of gel at a time. I had to use a lot of red but the other colors just a little bit was enough. Start with a small amount and add more as needed seemed to be the best way.

It took a lot of kneading to get the color mixed in but wasn’t to bad. Next time I make it and if I want it all the same color I will add the food color to the water in the very beginning. Also…wear gloves…my hands are still stained (mostly red.)

I split each color into 3 (2 to mix and 1 to keep the same color.) I let C decide which colors to mix together first, she choose blue and yellow.  I then put all the others into a bag to keep them from drying out (not really necessary but made me feel better.)

Before we started mixing I asked C what hypothesis she had for what would happen to the colors. She said it would be striped with blue and yellow.

She started mixing them together but got tired pretty quickly so I took over and after a couple of minutes I had her look and she saw her stripes and then noticed where it turned green.

Then she wanted to try blue and red to which she thought it would turn purple. This time I gave her a small piece to mix while I did the rest.

She saw the purple…I did a bit. However the red wasn’t red enough for the purple to turn out very well. (it does look a bit better in person)

Lastly we mixed the red and yellow, C decided it would turn orange.

I also made this for her…she is obsessed with hearts and is so excited for ‘Love Day’ (valentines day.)


At this point she just wanted to play with the play dough so we waited until today to finish the color wheel.

(yes she had me help color)


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