The weather here in CO has been CRAZY…it was 80 degrees on Friday….and this week it’s suppose to be in the 70s for a couple days…It’s making me want to start my garden. I know I shouldn’t as it will freeze and snow still, but it is so tempting!

I am going to look through my seed collection and see what I have and keep planning and figure out if I need to get any more seeds. (of course I will want more seeds lol)

Here is how I decided to organize my seeds last year;

It is a photo organizer, I got mine at Michaels, but you can also find it here. I have them grouped by vegetables, herbs and flowers. I have papers taped to the top of each individual container listing the varieties inside along with where and when they were acquired and some companion planting info and a place for notes on the bottom.

I also keep the information in a spreadsheet…yes I know I’m a bit obsessed 🙂

I use The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Planner….it’s a paid subscription, but it’s only $29 a year so I keep deciding it’s worth the price as it has a lot of helpful features; crop rotation, companion planting, planting schedule, and more.  I do wish it had more flowers in its database, but I can manually add new plants so it’s not a big deal. I mostly use it for my vegetable garden, but this year I decided to add a plan for my flower beds so I can remember what is planted where and so I can plan the annuals that I want to plant.

C is very excited for spring as well….she loves to help me garden. She loves to help plant everything, weed and harvest. Last fall when we were getting ready for winter she was very sad and kept asking if we could grow more tomatoes next year.