I realized I haven’t posted about why I want to homeschool my kids and how I’m planning on achieving this goal, so here we go….

I decided to homeschool partly because I don’t want to get myself and the kids up early enough to get to school :-). I also want my kids to love learning. I have also noticed that they are better behaved when I spend more time with them, C gets very emotional and needy when she doesn’t get a bunch of attention from myself and B.

I also asked her what she thought and she want’s me to be her teacher which makes me both proud and scared. The only thing she seems to miss is having/making friends and this only came up in the past couple months before that she didn’t really like to be around other kids. I have joined some homeschool groups so she can make friends since she now really wants to go out and be with other children. One other thing is that during the time of day that school would be they are generally happy and if they are going to be happy and co-operative I don’t want to miss it LOL.

C is only Pre-K age now so it’s not like she legally has to be enrolled in school anyway, which makes it much less stressful for me.

I am planning on homeschooling until around high school and then re-evaluating her needs and desires as it is her education.

My plan right now is to do more of a freestyle homeschool or unschooling, which means that I’m not really scheduling anything just seeing what interests the girls and helping them learn more about their interests. For instance lately C has been wanting to know more about the human body; bones, muscles, organs, etc. She is also learning math all by herself when we were cooking the other day we put 2 cups of flour in the bowl and she knew we needed 6 (I had to go get more out of the pantry) and she did the math all by herself no prompting from me and decided we needed 4 more cups. I was SOO proud!

She also loves the Children’s Encyclopedia I have from Usborne Books (I am a consultant but NOT active, I just love the books.) and loves for me to read that to her. C & V both LOVE books! The other day they took turns getting books for me to read to them. I keep thinking about making a list of their favorite books…but I know it will be REALLY long.