As promised here is more info about soil blocking…

I know kind of late, it has been crazy around here! We decided to adopt a dog, not a whole lot of thought before hand. We had been planning on getting another dog for around a year…but we were thinking a medium size dog like a Sheltie…. what we ended up getting is what the shelter says is a Siberian Husky mix. She is probably over a hundred pounds, but we won’t know for sure until her vet appointment next week. Cheri is over the moon…and really wants the dog to sleep in her room…but so far she hasn’t obliged.

Fortunately…and more on topic the new dog is very well-mannered and stays out of the plants (so far anyway lol.)

I started using soil blocks last year, and I like that the plants don’t seem to get root bound and it takes up much less space.

The beginning of spring/ seed starting

This year I decided to finally try the Micro Soil Blocker, last year I only had the Mini Soil Blocker. I liked it, but for some of the seeds they were a bit to big (took up to much room on the tray.)  I can fit 300 of the Micro blocks on the standard germination tray as opposed to 50 Mini Blocks. Along with that I can de-clutter a bunch of seed starting supplies (I only need the flat germination tray as opposed to those as well as the cell trays.)

The Micro Blocker makes 20 at a time, each cube is a bit under an inch. They worked great for tomato seeds, pelleted flower seeds (Petunia/Pansy) as well as herbs and other small seeds.

Micro Soil Block
Micro Soil Blocker

The Mini Blocks are 2″ blocks and they create indents for the seeds to be planted inside. They can be changed to be different depth of indents for different size seeds as well as one to make an indent big enough for the micro blocks to be planted into as the seedlings grow.

It does take some practice getting the soil mixture the correct level of dampness. You just take the soil mix get it wet until it clumps together and a bit of water will come out when squeezed  but not a whole lot (especially for the smaller one the bigger one is more forgiving.) Get the soil in a pile twice the height of the soil blocker and press down, twisting a bit and make sure they are all filled up and scrap the bottom to make it flat and press the handle to eject them into the germination tray.

Micro Soil Blocks
Mini Soil Blocks
Micro and Mini Soil Blocks

(I’m going to try to make a video of the process in the next few days as I need to start more tomato seeds. I planted them out a bit to early apparently and a few of them died despite being covered during our last freeze/snow).

Here are the pea plants I started in the mini soil blocks the beginning of April, and planted out a few weeks later.