I have a tendency to ignore household chores until I finally look around and notice the house is a WREAK! I need a list of stuff that should be done everyday, week, month, etc.

I have tried several different methods, including printing out lists/excel documents and laminating or putting into a pretty  frame and using wet erase markers to mark them done. It worked okay for a while, but it’s really easy to ignore and then I don’t really remember when the last time it was done (cleaning washer, dishwasher, etc) as all I have is a check mark or line that gets erased.

I finally decided to try an app and went with OurHome so far it’s been working pretty good. I like that I can assign stuff to other family members (B is the only other adult that can use it right now, he doesn’t really but he does help with the chores so I just mark them off for him.) I can have tasks be recurring at different intervals and it has lots of different categories for stuff; communal, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garden, laundry, maintenance, pets, etc.

It can be used on the phone/tablet or computer (it doesn’t work great on the computer, but it’s okay.) and can be used by all the family members. It actually has a lot of functions in regard to family help that I don’t utilize; messages/reminders, points/rewards, keeping track of who completes the chores and when and probably some I didn’t notice.

It also has a place for a grocery list that can be organized in different categories (I changed the categories that were already loaded to be stores.)