After looking for cleaning apps for me I decided to try one for C to use, hoping it would help with her tantrums about cleaning up her toys and just tantrums in general. I gave her some chores that are easy for her to achieve and some that are harder.

I went with one called ChoreMonster, so far C loves it and it’s been a few months. You assign/create the chores for them and the points they receive for completing the chore. It also has rewards that they can redeem when they get enough points, you choose the rewards available and the points needed to redeem the reward. The chores and rewards include pictures (that you can choose or change as needed) which is helpful for C as she isn’t reading yet.

C helped pick the pictures 🙂

I am letting C learn to wait to get what she wants and earn things since it can take a day or two to earn some of the rewards, longer if she doesn’t want to do stuff (clean up her toys mostly.) Right now C’s favorite reward is a family movie night (with popcorn.) She is usually so excited to mark her chores off and will sometimes find/ or ask more things that she can do to get more points.

The app also gives tickets for every chore completed to purchase monsters, I was pretty surprised how much she liked that feature. It also has features to five them bonus points, send messages, etc.