I love to garden and start seeds…the funny part is I have a hard time keeping house plants alive. The seedlings are fine in the house LOL Go Figure!

I started making my own seed starting mix a couple of years ago since the pre-bagged stuff is SO expensive and it is super easy to make it at home and so much cheaper (especially if you are making a lot.)

The recipe that I ended up using this year is:

8 parts Peat Moss

2 parts Vermiculite

2 Parts Perlite

3 Parts Worm Castings

You can use Coconut Coir instead of Peat Moss, just aged compost instead of worm casting (or leave it out entirely) and you can just use replace the vermiculite and perlite with each other (4 parts of which ever) I like to use both as they both have pros and cons so this way I get both pros 🙂

A part is whatever you use to measure…so it would depend on how much you want to mix. I use a scoop I made from an old vinegar bottle 😉

I also use this for starting seeds in soil blocks (post about that next.) I started almost all of my seeds this year in soil blocks…and so far I love it! (soil blocks are compressed soil that you start seeds in so you don’t need individual containers)

Here are some pictures of the various ways I started seeds this year.

Soil Blocks
Reused 6 pk from plants I purchased last year.
Line trays (once they sprout you have to pull up each sprout and move to a soil block or other individual container)

My favorite is the soil blocks…but for the really little seeds (snapdragon, viola, etc.) the line tray is so much easier as you don’t have to try to see the seeds. I just cover the lines that I don’t want those seeds in with a piece of paper 🙂